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do digital image processing and computer vision projects using python opencv

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Welcome to my Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision Gig on Fiverr!

Services I provide:

  • Image Enhancement: Improve image quality by reducing noise, removing artifacts, and enhancing contrast and brightness.
  • Object Recognition: Identify specific objects within an image using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques.
  • Image Segmentation: Divide images into different regions for focused analysis of specific areas of interest.
  • Image Restoration: Restore old or damaged images, removing scratches, tears, and defects.
  • Image Compression: Compress images while maintaining high quality for easier storage and sharing.
  • Custom Digital Image Processing Solutions: Tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • In addition, I specialize in Computer Vision and AI services, leveraging YOLO algorithms, object detection, facial recognition, OCR systems, video analytics, and AI-driven surveillance.

Algorithms and Tools I Use:

  • Image processing algorithms (Edge detection, Transforms, clustering, Filtering, Smoothing, etc.).
  • Regression, kNN, Random Forest, K-means, Naïve Bayes, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, CNNs, RNNs, GANs, YOLO, RCNN, and more.
  • Python, OpenCV, PIL, Numpy, TensorFlow,

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