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AI Artists
Creative Services
create a video clip for you using ai
Starting at $60.00
I will spokespersons in any language with ai
Starting at $30.00
do Professional Voice Synthesis & AI Services
Starting at $20.00
 create ai art video
Starting at $25.00
do data formatting
Starting at $20.00
do web scraping and data mining
Starting at $30.00
professional data annotation and labeling services
Starting at $15.00
do Data Formatting & Cleaning
Starting at $15.00
Machine Learning
do machine learning and deep learning projects
Starting at $90.00
build ai software or do data analysis
Starting at $85.00
do time series analysis and forecasting in python
Starting at $10.00
perform statistical data analysis with SAS, rstudio
Starting at $10.00
AI Development
I will hdr real estate photos
Starting at $10.00
Professional AI Content Editing
Starting at $20.00

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